Quakers for Climate Justice



We know that many Quakers feel strongly about issues relating to sustainability and would like Friends to continue to think about ways that they can take positive action, both as individuals and as a community. Any Friends are welcome to join the group and work with us.

Leicester Quakers agreed at the local business meeting in November 2021 to become affiliated to Climate Action Leicester and Leicestershire.




The banner was produced during All Age Worship Sunday, 18th Sept 2022

It was taken to the Loss and Damage protest at Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, Nottinghamshire, the following Thursday 


Climate justice report about COP 27 demonstration

November 12th 2022

Sarah Shaw and I went to the Climate Justice gathering at the Clock Tower, in Leicester city centre, to express our concern over the decisions being made at COP 27.  We took our Quaker ‘Cherish the Earth’ banner and several other people helped us to hold it up and we were also joined by Quakers from Devon who were visiting Leicester.  The two minute speech on Loss and Damage which Sarah and I delivered together seemed well received by the demonstrators who numbered about 200.  It felt like a positive and worthwhile event, despite being in competition with a rapper, a seller of helium balloons and an extremely professionally presented anti-vaccination group.

Mariette Clare and Sarah Shaw