First time at a Quaker Meeting?

Sometimes I feel I can do without religion completely – but there is something in Quakerism, in silent worship, which meets a spiritual need in me, and I rediscover it again and again.”   Anne, 1997

When you arrive at the meeting house you will be welcomed at the door by a doorkeeper who will offer to shake your hand. If a Quaker meeting for worship is completely new to you there are leaflets available explaining what this form of worship is all about. We enter the room where the meeting for worship is held when we are ready to do so.

During the meeting we sit in silence and listen to the promptings of love and truth in our hearts. Someone may feel that they are led to speak, and will stand and address the meeting, usually for a very short time.

The meeting lasts for an hour and at at the end of the worship two experienced Quakers, called elders, will shake hands. People surrounding you will offer to shake your hand and the meeting will be over. There will be a short series of notices and then everyone will be invited for tea and biscuits in another room. This will be a good time for you to find out more about us, if you would like to.

Bringing Children to Meeting

Children are always welcome at Leicester Meeting. Children are welcome to all meetings for worship, being present for the first 10 minutes each Sunday morning before continuing their own meeting in the meeting house library.

On the second Sunday of each month there is a meeting of All Age Worship, held in the meeting house library. These meetings have a theme, are led by a Friend and are inclusive.

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