Leicester Area Meeting

Welcome to Leicester Area Quaker Meeting

Leicester Area Quaker Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Number 1192277

Leicester Area Quaker Meeting is made up of four local Quaker meetings; Loughborough, Oakham, Rugby and Leicester. We are a charity as well as a worshipping community and our governing documents and policies can be found below.

The role of an area meeting is to develop and maintain a community of Friends, a family of local meetings who gather together for worship, spiritual enrichment and administrative oversight.

Anyone is welcome to join us for our meetings for worship for business. The meetings are in person and online at 1.30pm

Dates for 2024 -

  • January 28th at Leicester Meeting House
  • April 14th at Oakham Meeting House
  • June 30th at John Storer House, Loughborough
  • September 8th at Rugby Meeting House
  • November10th at Leicester Quaker Meeting House
  • For further information please contact the clerk of Leicester Area Meeting at leicesteramquakerclerks


There is more information about Quakers and the local meetings for worship on the websites of each of the separate local meetings.

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