“Sometimes I feel I can do without religion completely – but there is something in Quakerism, in silent worship, which meets a spiritual need in me, and I rediscover it again and again.”  

Anne, 1997

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For Quakers, worship is central to everything we do. It binds us together; it nourishes us; it shapes and enriches all our relationships and every aspect of our lives. All are welcome.

Worship begins as we gather in stillness and silence. We enter quietly, we settle ourselves and we try to let go of the demands and concerns of our lives and the busyness of the world around us. We don’t simply worship on our own, and as we wait in silence we look for a sense of connection with those around us, with our deepest selves, with God.

As we feel this sense of connection growing stronger, we may begin to see the world, ourselves and our relationships in a new way. We open ourselves to the possibility of being transformed. Or worship may take us to a deep place, beyond our own thoughts and ideas. We are enabled to experience more deeply and respond more creatively to both the joys and struggles of our lives and the world around us.

In worship some people may feel prompted to speak. In the stillness someone may stand and share something that sits high on their heart, perhaps something they see with sudden clarity or that weighs heavily with them. We call this ministry. We listen to this ministry in silence, and we leave space to reflect on what has been said. We receive it without comment or judgement, and we continue to listen and wait.

Worship normally lasts for an hour, though this isn’t a rigid rule. As worship ends, we shake hands and greet each other; we give thanks for the worship we have shared and for that sense that together we have touched upon things that are eternal.

You do not have to become a Quaker to attend Quaker meetings; they are open to all.

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Bringing Children to Meeting

Children's meetings are restarting after a break and we hope to hold them monthly.

At present we ask that a parent accompanies their children.

For details and availability please use the Contact Us page